Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Welcome to the www.icopro.org site.  The website www.icopro.org is the property of PT Adventure and Spirit which exploits it. Pt Adventure and Spirit is a company with a foreign capital (PMA) of $325 000, registered in Bali – Indonesia, under registration number: TDP 220619200172 and registration taxes number: NPWP: 31.309.098.7-907.00  whose headquarters is located at: Jalan raya Mas n* 62A 80571 Mas – Gianyar – Bali – Indonesia.


By using the website www.icopro.org or by clicking on a box or a link which stipulates that you accept these conditions, you indicate that you agree with these terms of use. If you do not agree to these conditions of use, you are not authorized to use this site. 


www.icopro.org reserves the right to constantly modify and supplement the terms of use, without notice and without compensation. Ongoing visits and use of the www.icopro.org website means automatic re-acceptance of the terms of use. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to become aware of any new terms of use updates at each new visit to the www.icopro.org website. These terms of use include disclaimers and limitations of liability which the user must declare to have acknowledged. www.icopro.org is not responsible for the use of data, diffused contents or the services of another person who does not comply with the appropriate regulations.

2. Copyright and intellectual property

All elements of the website www.icopro.org including without limitation, texts, presentations, illustrations, training references, photographs, tree structures, programs, logos, trademarks, videos, slogans and layouts are the exclusive intellectual property of www.icopro.org or of its partners. As such, their representations, reproductions, overlaps, diffusions and repeat broadcasts, partial or total are prohibited. Any person wishing to do so must obtain the prior authorization of the owner. In any case, on any authorized copy of all or part of the contents of the site, the reference “Copyright ICOpro all rights reserved” must be included.

3. Protection of privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. Please consult our privacy protection policy for any information concerning the way we share your profile on www.icopro.org and the way we collect and store personal information that you provide while using the site.

4. Validity of the provided information

In the event that the user would have to provide information, he/she must:

– deliver real, accurate, up to date information at the time of registration as members, and/or affiliated centers to ICOpro and/or an IAI (Independent Affiliated Instructor) and in particular not to use false names or addresses or names or addresses without authorization;

– maintain up to date with the data of inscription to ensure personal data remains accurate;

– not make available or distribute illegal, reprehensible information (such as libelous or obscene information) or harmful (such as viruses). In the event of violation of these arrangements, www.icopro.org will be able to suspend or terminate the user’s access to the services through his/her wrongdoings.

5. Access to the site 

The www.icopro.org website is accessible to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except when notified otherwise.  www.icopro.org cannot be held responsible for any technical connection unavailability caused in particular by force majeure, maintenance, update and modification of the site, intervention by the host, internal or external strike, network failure, power cut or to a bad configuration or usage of the computer by the user. Furthermore, the publisher can be required to stop the site or part of the services, at any time without prior notice without any right of compensation

6. Disclaimers 

The user agrees explicitly to use the www.icopro.org website at his/her own risk and under his/her exclusive responsibility.

The www.icopro.org website provides the user information for information purposes, as is, with all their imperfections, errors, omissions, inaccuracies and other ambiguities that may exist. In addition, this information must be taken into account when they are online and not at the time of consultation of the site.

In any case, www.icopro.org shall not be held responsible for:

– any direct or indirect damage, in particular loss of profits, loss of earnings, loss of customers, data that may result from the use of the website www.icopro.org, or conversely from an inability to use the site;

– a malfunction, an unavailability of access, an improper use, a bad configuration of the computer of the user or of the use of a rarely used browser by the user;

– the content of advertisements and other links and external resources accessible by the user from the site www.icopro.org.

7. Advertising and sponsor of the site

The www.icopro.org website can contain publicity. Members and/or affiliated centers of ICOpro and/or IAI (Independent Affiliated Instructor) can post advertisements on their personal accounts. www.icopro.org cannot be held responsible for the content of advertisements nor of the consequences of a possible contractual relation between the user of the site www.icopro.org and the person who issued the advertisement.

8. Hyperlinks

Any webmaster who would like to establish a link from a different site to the www.icopro.org site is required to obtain prior express consent by requesting it from by this email .

In any case, the webmaster that would create a hypertext link is committed no to use the technique of the mirror site or that of the deep link (“deep linking”), consists of using a hyperlink to a specific, generally searchable or indexed piece of web content on a website rather than the homepage.

Users being redirected to a third party website via a hyperlink reproduced on the www.icopro.org site recognizes that www.icopro.org do not control the contents of the redirected sites. Accordingly, www.icopro.org shall in no event be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage due to the use of sites accessed via hyperlinks on the site www.icopro.org.

9. Creating a personal account

To gain access to all services of the www.icopro.org site, the user must register by opening a personal account. To do this, the user must fill in the form provided for this purpose and meet the conditions below. He/she will become a member user.

–       Registration is not permitted for third parties.

–       Registration is strictly personal to each registered user.

In the case of failure by the registered user with the one of the clauses, www.icopro.org reserves the right to terminate the users account without notice on behalf of the registered user.

10. Responsibility of your account(s)

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user name(s), password(s) and account(s), as well as any activity undertaken under your account(s). www.icopro.org cannot be held responsible for an account that is not up to date. www.icopro.org reserves the right to terminate an account that says “inactive” or having incorrect information, without any obligation on our part to that member.

You can resign enaytime your personal account by sending an email to support@icopro.org. 

11. Public forum

The forum is a function of the www.icopro.org site that allows members and users who consult the www.icopro.orgsite to disseminate their information so that they are seen by one or more users or by users who consult the site www.icopro.org

The forum on the www.icopro.org site is only intended for public and not private communications with purposes solely related to the activity of canyoning.

www.icopro.org cannot guarantee the security and the confidentiality of any information that you choose to reveal via the forum; you make such disclosures at your own risk. You are and shall remain solely responsible for any information that you distribute on or via the www.icopro.orgsite, submitted and/or posted under your username or otherwise by yourself in all forum, as well as subjected and/or posted under your username or another manner by yourself in all forums, as well as the consequences of the distribution of information and their postings.

www.icopro.org reserves the right to screen, to refuse to post, to withdraw or modify subjected information, at any time, for any reason whatsoever or no reason and without notice or justification.

12. Control program PPE

www.icopro.org put at the disposal of its members a management program of PPE (personal protective equipment). This program and these alerts are directly linked to each member’s personal account. Information registered in this program is only given as an indication; it should only be used as an assistance program which enables the tracking of equipment. 

www.icopro.org  will in no circumstances be held responsible for misuse of this program and the unintended consequences that may arise due to improper use and control of their own PPE. Follow-ups, alarms, information, photographs, videos given by ICOpro in this program cannot replace any physical control of a trained professional. Although we have made every effort to ensure the information presented in this program is complete and as understandable as possible. www.icopro.org cannot be held responsible for programming errors, “bugs” or implementation problems. The user member is responsible for the use of the PPE program.

Using this program, you personally assume full responsibility for all risks, damages, injuries or death that may occur due to the use of information presented in this program in any way whatsoever. Do not use the program if you are not able to assume this responsibility or to take this risk.

13. Applicable law – jurisdiction

The conditions of use of the site www.icopro.orgare governed, interpreted and applied under Indonesian law. In case of any dispute and after failure of any attempt to find a friendly solution, only the Indonesian courts in Bali shall have jurisdiction to recognize any disputes relating to these terms of use and their implementation, including their validity, their interpretation, their execution, their cancellation and their consequences.

14. Date of last update and version number

Date of the last revision: October 17, 2015

The version number: V1.1

For any question related to these terms of use, please send your request by post to the following adress: ICOpro Jalan raya Mas n* 62A 80571 Mas – Gianyar – Bali – Indonesia.