International Professional Canyoning Training Course: Instructor White Water ICTC/INWW

Do you wish to guide canyoneers in bigger canyons with significant water flows and movements? Do you wish to become a Senior Trainer or Training Master specialized WHITE WATER in order to teach this level in the future? INWW training course will meet your expectations.

To select an INWW course appropriate date, please contact one of our ICOpro centers or send an email to ICOpro support.

You will be trained by an ICOpro Examiner (Senior Trainer level minimum, graduated White Water), and will get certified at the end of the course thanks to the Instructor Card. 

A couple of months after you got certified, you will receive by mail your professional card including a one-year free licence, offered products: Canyoneer Cards, « ICOpro Instructor » tee-shirt, cap and your certificate.


4 consecutive days.


Instructor White Water training course will provide you all complementary technical skills used for advanced white water techniques.

You will become proficient in advanced techniques and group management for strong flow and aquatic canyons.


Be certified Instructor level 3, have validated 600 Canyoneer Initiation minimum, or be certified ICOpro IEC/IVS

Have a medical certificate issued less than three months prior to the training course, testifying that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for canyoning activities.

Have a valid first-aid certificate issued less than two years, including minimum course duration of 12 hours.


You must take your personal equipment.

Your ICOpro center will provide complementary technical equipment.

If you do not have yet any equipment, you can rent to the organizer center.

Skills you will learn

-You will master advanced techniques for progressing in white water (canyon’s rating A5).

-You will analyse water movements of the canyons rated A5.

-You will be capable of supervising a group in white water.

-You will anticipate the risks associated with white water canyons, rated A5. You will quickly react to the diverse situations that will be encountered.

-You will apply psychology and pedagogy fields required to supervise a group in case of strong flow.

-You will be ready to rescue someone stuck into particular water movement.

Certifications and test

  • You will be evaluated all along your training (4 days) on your abilities to understand, analyse, anticipate, progress and supervise a group in white water canyon, rated A5. 100% positive response required on security manoeuvers to validate your test.
  • Theory test including 50 questions. 80% positive response required.

Advantages of being a certified Instructor White Water

Maximum number of canyoneers authorized per level of Instructors, compulsory accompanied with the Assistant, for a CAI training course and/or guided tour (for ICOpro canyoneers already validated).

Number of Canyoneers authorized

IN LevelAquatic canyon V3 a4 III (Maximum rating)Vertical canyon V4 a3 III (Maximum rating)Canyon V4 a4 III (Maximum rating)Canyon V5 a4 IV (Maximum rating)
Please note that no CAI training course will be authorized in canyons rated A5

Get ICOpro certified – Be prepared to be a Trainer

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