International and Professional Canyoning Training Course: Head Training Master ICTC/HTM

More than a training course, ICTC/HTM position is considered as an enrolment contract with ICOpro. Do you wish to contribute to ICOpro capital? Do you aim at becoming a high level advisor for our Organization? Do you want to invest your know-how and assets to ICOpro?

Do not hesitate anymore, become a Head Training Master.

For further details about Head Training Master position, contact us now.

HTM Definition

An HTM will train and certify trainees from all levels, according to ICOpro standards.

He/she works, develops and contributes to the development of the Organization

  • You will follow, apply and highlight ICOpro quality guidelines. You will take part to the updates of the programmes’ content
  • You will attend international meetings in order to develop canyoning overseas
  • You will be a high level advisor and will convey organization values


  • Be certified Training Master. Have certified 5 TR and/or STR, minimum
  • Have passed the preselection tests and interviews successfully
  • Be fluent in English, or speak in a language other than your mother tongue
  • Be available to organize at least 8 training courses per year, anywhere in the world, depending on the demand
  • Be available to draft training handbooks, update ICOpro programmes and develop ICOpro marketing plan
  • Demonstrate advanced teaching skills
  • Demonstrate management skills
  • Demonstrate strong written and inter-personal skills
  • Perfectly master ICOpro teaching and apprenticeship techniques


You must take your personal equipment.

Your ICOpro center will provide complementary technical equipment.

If you do not have yet any equipment, you can rent to the organizer center.

Skills you will learn

You will train and certify the TM trainees according to ICOpro standards.

You will master and put forward ICOpro training programme.

Certifications and test

  • The Training Master will be assessed upon his/her teaching skills and abilities to be a partner
  • You will demonstrate your capacities for training a Training Master. You will also demonstrate your skills to manage a group of professionals, remaining focused on a precise objective that will last for a 3-month period, minimum
  • You will go through a continuous assessment
  • You will write a dissertation or a work based on ICOpro current need
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