International Canyoning Training Courses: Canyoneer Initiation – ICTC/CAI

Do you wish to practice canyoning with a professional and safe center? Do you want to be guided by skilled instructors and get your first ICOpro certification? Then, the Canyoneer Initiation will meet your expectations.

This brief initiation will take place during a fun and enjoyable tour, and it will make you more independent during a canyoning descent.

You will be supervised by an ICOpro Instructor and an Assistant. At the end of the tour, you will receive your certificate and a Canyoneer Card.

Canyoneer Initiation Program V2.2

Duration & Organization

Before and during your descent canyon


  • Accessible to anyone who has reached the age of majority in his/her country of origin, and 12 year old with Legal guardian authorization.
  • Be in good mental and physical condition.
  • Swimming ability: 25m


  • Discover the activity in terms of sport, cultural and professional aspects.
  • Understand the basics of the activity. Share our passion and HAVE FUN!

Canyoning equipment

Your ICOpro center will provide the full technical equipment.

Skills you will learn

Basics of the activity, ICOpro organization and technical skills required for a descent with an instructor.

Vertical descent and move on rope, independent rappel, jumps and waterslides, swim in calm water. You will take an active part in the instructor’s and assistant’s work.



  1. Content

1B. ICOpro

  1. ICOpro structure presentation 
  2. ICOpro Canyoneer Charter 

1C. The basics of the activity

  1. Canyoning definition 

1D. Canyoning equipment

  1. Personal equipment CAI 

1E. Horizontal rope progression: Hand-lines Lvl1

  1. Fixed 
  2. Retrievable Only when present

1F. Vertical rope progression: Descent Lvl1

  1. Clip into the belay 
  2. Set-up a descender  
  3. Unclip from the belay           
  4. Static/Waiting position 
  5. Rappel
  6. Pass a deviation Only when present
  7. Pass rebelay Only when present
  8. Guided rappel Only when present
  9. Rope retrieval  

1G. Communication Lvl1

  1.  CAI visual signals 

1H. Horizontal progression

  1. Choice of the itinerary 
  2. Easy and dynamic movement 

1I. White water Lvl1

  1. Swimming in calm water Only when present

1J. Jumps and slides Lvl1

  1. Basic techniques Only when present

1K. Validation

  1. Validation of participant 
  2. General feedback 

1L. ICOpro Next step

  1. Presentation of ICTC CA1-2-3
  2. Advantage to be a CA3 

Advantages of being a certified Canyoneer Initiation

  • You will join the large international ICOpro community
  • Free download of the Canyoneer Initiation manual.
  • You receive the international canyoning news
  • You increase your level of practice
  • You can take the Canyoneer 1-2-3 training course in order to be autonomous

Become ICOpro certified