About ICOpro

ICOpro was founded thanks to people and professionals who share the same passion for the canyoning activities.

Since 2011, ICOpro, has been considered as a model for international organization of canyoning practice. Our purpose is to develop canyoning activities throughout the world for occasional participants, instructors and ICOpro affiliated centers.


We develop and encourage an international high-level and professional network of experts, instructors and ICOpro affiliated centers which are always focusing on your safety. We keep improving our quality standards in order to interact between all people deeply involved in canyoning development.


Excellence is our daily commitment, we keep concentrating on high-standard canyoning training in order to offer a fun and security practice adapted to each country’s policies and each type of canyon.

Training programs from our instructors and the quality control of our affiliated centers allow us to follow the progression of each learner and to adapt specific courses if necessary. Our instructors, trainers and ICOpro affiliated centers are highly qualified and experts in their field; their professional methods allow you to see quickly the advancement of your skills.


ICOpro is dedicated to you, to the professional international market and to the growing demand eager to enjoy canyoning.

Practise and learn with ICOpro – You will get the guarantee of fun and professional canyoning descents.

Do you wish to join the ICOpro team? Please contact us: support@icopro.org

ICOpro Team