International and Professional Canyoning Training Course: TRAINER ICTC/TR

How ambitious are you? Are you skilled for teaching? You dream about traveling and living your passion every day? Do you want to join ICOpro Team? 

Trainer training course will fulfil all your expectations.

To select a TR course appropriate date, please contact one of our ICOpro Examiner centers or send an email:

You will be trained by an ICOpro Examiner (Training Master level, minimum), and will get certified at the end of the course thanks to the Instructor Card.

A couple of months after you got certified, you will receive by mail your professional card including a one-year free licence, offered products: Canyoneer Cards, « ICOpro » tee-shirt, cap and your certificate.


More or less 25 consecutive days.


Trainer course will provide pedagogy and psychology skills necessary to train ICOpro Assistants Instructors and Instructors.


  • Be certified Instructor Explorer Developer
  • Have validated 1000 Canyoneer Initiation, minimum and 20 Canyoneer level 3, minimum
  • Have 2 years teaching experience, minimum
  • Have passed the preselection tests and interviews successfully
  • Have already trained in different places
  • Be fluent in English, or speak in a language other than your mother tongue
  • You must be at least 23 years old
  • Be available to organize at least 2 training courses per year, anywhere in the world, depending on the demand
  • Demonstrate your teaching skills and your motivation to develop canyoning activities
  • Have a medical certificate issued less than three months prior to the training course, testifying that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for canyoning activities
  • Have a valid first-aid certificate issued less than two years with minimum course duration of 12 hours


You must take your personal equipment.

Your ICOpro center will provide complementary technical equipment.

If you do not have yet any equipment, you can rent to the organizer center.

Skills you will learn

  • You will train and certify the AIN and IN1-2-3 trainees according to ICOpro standards
  • You will master ICOpro pedagogy and psychology techniques that will be then taught to the professionals
  • You will be aware of ICOpro internal procedures
  • You will comprehend the ins and outs of your Trainer position within ICOpro Team
  • You will be proficient in preparing, promoting and organizing an ICTC anywhere in the world; this will be subject to prior agreement of your ICOpro center
  • You will carry out centers quality checks

Certifications and test

  • You will go through a continuous assessment, mainly focused on applied pedagogy
  • You will demonstrate your abilities to organize and run an ICTC
  • You will demonstrate your assessment skills
  • You will demonstrate both your leader’s skills to manage a group and your inter-personal skills
  • Theory test including 120 open questions. 80% positive response required

Advantages of being a certified Trainer

You have the possibility to continue your ICOpro programme and to take Senior Trainer course

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