ICOpro Professional Canyoning Charter

The present Charter refers to a safe practice for canyoning activities, the awareness of our environment and ICOpro professional procedures.

The correct application and respect of this Charter is the basis of ICOpro durability and worldwide reputation.


  • I acknowledge that I convey the image of ICOpro throughout the world when I act on behalf of the organization and canyoning community;
  • I am willing to behave in a responsible and exemplary way with regards to my professional activity and especially for the clients and affiliated Centers;
  • I am aware of my responsibility in terms of security/safety;
  • I commit myself to providing my trainees with insurance coverage;
  • I commit myself to teaching my trainees to the best of my abilities within the canyoning sites;
  • I commit myself to respecting the canyons and their surroundings by informing and getting actively involved in the protection of the environment;
  • I commit myself to giving up on the idea of a canyoning trip when it is necessary

ICOpro procedures

  • I work in compliance with ICOpro standards and procedures;
  • I am aware that every CAI training must be conducted by an IN and AIN;
  • I always validate trainees with the Canyoneer cards;
  • I register new Canyoneers into the ICOpro platform;
  • I am aware of the local rules of my country in terms of practice and supervision for canyoning activities;
  • I respect the maximum number of trainees authorized per ICTC;
  • I keep informed about the news and updates published on the ICOpro platform;
  • I am aware that every ICTC must be organized and conducted in an Affiliated Center, unless otherwise indicated by ICOpro;
  • I commit myself to teaching my trainees in compliance with the ICOpro canyoning programs.

Equipment management

  • I always check the technical equipment before and after an ICTC (rope, harness and helmet);
  • I fill-in the ICOpro PPE sheet for equipment management and follow-up.