International Canyoning Training Course: Canyoneer Rescue Team ICTC/CART

Do you wish to provide assistance in case of rescue into a canyon? You already run a center implemented in an isolated area and you wish to train rescuers? Do you wish to increase your general skills about rescue assistance? Then, the CART International Canyoning Training Course is for you.

To choose an appropriate date for attending a CART, please contact one of our ICOpro centers.

You will be trained by an Instructor level 2, minimum, and will get certified at the end of the tour/course thanks to the Canyoneer card.


3 consecutive days.


Be independent while progressing on rope in any type of situation. Meet the requests of the rescue team leader in order to correctly assist him/her.


Be certified Canyoneer Initiation and have performed 5 canyoning tours, minimum.

Have a medical certificate issued less than three months prior to the training course, testifying that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for canyoning activities.


Your ICOpro center will provide the full technical equipment.

Skills you will learn

The ICTC CART is focused on the technical basics of the rope and aquatic progression. You will be comfortable when moving in different types of canyons. You will master all the knots required for a rescue, for assisting a victim on rope or on stretch, as the techniques required to manage a victim in waiting position.

No day-test, you will be evaluated during the 3-day training course.

Advantages of being a certified Canyoneer Rescue Team

  • You join the large international ICOpro community
  • Free download of the Canyoneer Rescue Team book
  • You receive the international canyoning news
  • You increase your level of practice
  • You can take part to a rescue manoeuvre in every ICOpro center
  • You can take the Canyoneer 123 training course in order to be autonomous

Get ICOpro certified