Training Pedagogy

More and more professionals want to get involved in canyoning activities. Canyoning is being developed overseas, and more often in countries where the activity can expand.

However, due to a lack of teachers for this activity, and though the presence of thousands of canyoning guides over the world, none of them has been taught to certify and train in turn.

To meet international quality requirements for training, ICOpro team have developed a teaching concept that follows a coherent progression, from the level of Canyoneer Initiation until Head Training Master. Technical skills are not sufficient to be an effective Instructor, that’s the reason why ICOpro insists on pedagogy and psychology to strengthen our high-recognized label.

ICOpro is the only entity to offer professional training courses where you will train and certify in turn, according to our standard. More than learning how to guide, you will learn how to teach. This significant difference will make you work as a professional Instructor, worldwide recognized and will ensure a sustainable development for our activities.

Our courses are based on a coherent logic defined as follows:

  1. I learn
  2. I know
  3. I experience
  4. I am a master
  5. I learn to teach
  6. I train

Each training course refers to a specic field in order to become an expert for teaching canyoning, and each of these courses follows the same learning curve above mentioned.

Here below are the specific fields that will be taught during our courses:

  • Progression and rescue on rope techniques
  • Progression and white water rescue techniques
  • Victim assistance techniques
  • Progression during the day and at night
  • Pedagogy and psychology applied for supervising
  • Teaching pedagogy and psychology
  • Personal psychology (work on oneself)
  • Sportive physiology
  • Physical and mental preparation
  • Team work – Communication – Organisation – Coherence
  • Meteorology – Mapping – Topography
  • Geology – Hydrology – Mineralogy
  • Deontology – Ecology – Environment
  • Institution – Regulations
  • Management – Administration – Marketing

The ICOpro standard has been designed for the professionals who aim at working for the canyoning activities around the world, and standing out from the others with a high value-added in terms of quality, techniques, security and services.

Our unique standard, developed by ICOpro team trains proficient technicians, trainers or analysts.

The flexible skills of our Instructors enable them to easily adapt to the diversity of the canyons, to the clients’ state of mind, obstacles and new environment. This necessary adaptation requires an optimal sense of anticipation to select the best technique according each single situation.

Pedagogy and psychology are an integral part of the new ICOpro vocational programme for canyoning.

More than a guide, you will become a trainer, experienced enough to work throughout the world, in any type of canyon.

Our vision of canyoning is based on a real exploration of the environment and careful attention to the participants.

ICOpro training courses will enable you to master any progression technique. You will become an expert in the art of anticipation and analysis about a canyon itinerary, about the physical and mental state of your trainees and yourself.

The ICOpro gradual teaching standard allows each trainee to go beyond his/her own practise, belief and knowledge, where any automatic action is replaced by analysis performance.

Our concept is called P.A.R: Proficient Analytical Resources©

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ICOpro Team