Project Development: PRODEV

PRODEV Committee has been set up to support your future canyoning projects. PRODEV is dedicated to associations and affiliated centers (or in affiliation process). Training application requests will be examined on the basis of 12 candidates, minimum (See PRODEV Procedures).

Groups of individuals who will submit their application to the PRODEV Committee must have a sustainable and imminent development of the activity in their country. In order to optimize the application files, relevant provisional budgets and affiliation projects with ICOpro are required.

PRODEV core activity does not aim at supporting individual canyoneers or professionals. Each request must result from associations or centers, and gather high number of individuals.

PRODEV purpose is to create an economical dynamic for professionals through canyoning development.

PRODEV takes advantage of the support of different organizations, associations, research departments, Offices of Tourism and Youth and Sports Ministries… In some countries, governmental grants are given to eligible grantees for supporting ICOpro training programs, or for creating ICOpro centers.

Who Needs PRODEV?

  • Any professional aiming at ICOpro Senior Trainer level, minimum, and capable of running, at least, 4 ICOpro professional training courses per year, during the three first years of affiliation.
  • Any investor or professional who creates an ICOpro center, and hire 2 Instructors and 2 Assistants, minimum; capable of running, at least, 2 ICOpro professional training courses per year, during the three first years of affiliation.
  • Any association or organization aiming at setting ICOpro training courses for 12 candidates, minimum.
  • Any structure or governmental commission concentrated on canyoning development in their country, and applying ICOpro standards.

How Can PRODEV Help Me?

  • By starting and following your project (marketing research, analyse, training, coaching etc…).
  • By granting funds for jobs creation, businesses and training.
  • By material and financial grants allocated to the centers and IAI (in affiliation process), for canyons exploration and follow-up projects.

Do you have any development project in your own country?

Do you wish to promote ICOpro program?

Will you be able to create canyoning job opportunities in compliance with ICOpro standards?

Then, contact now our PRODEV Department to discover the support opportunities you might have.