The 4 Statuses of Affiliated Centers

"Learn canyoning, training to become a professional, open an outdoor Center..."

An ICOpro affiliated Center takes advantage of the support and promotion done by ICOpro.
As well, an ICOpro Center can:

  • Take advantage of the activity’s rising interest and to make canyoning your core business.
  • Obtain an international reputation due to the ICOpro label of quality international expert for canyoning teaching.
  • Offer your clients the highest international standards in terms of canyoning training courses and safe practices.
  • Organize an ICTC and IVS (International Canyoning Training Course & International Validation of Skills) and reap financial benefits, thus teaching teams at a lower cost resulting in additional income sources for the Center.
  • Buy ICOpro products at a lower cost; to include them in the training courses and the tours, which will enhance the quality of the service provided, or have the benefit of selling them to your clients.
  • Access to the « job opportunities » section which the Centers are able to find future Assistants, Instructors, or photographers already trained and ready to teach.
  • Get financial advantages for the purchasing of equipment according to the IO (ICOpro Order) negotiated price reserved for professional only.
  • Take advantage of internationale promotion through the ICOpro website where all other affiliated Centers are also listed.  In addition, you have the option to select any Center for which you want to get details.
  • Attract medias attention on the social networks so that everyone knows about your Center thus bringing in more clients.
  • Use for free the online PPE Software that works on Linux- Windows or IOS.

There are 4 different types of centers that can be affiliated to ICOpro. All centers are attached to the general conditions of affiliation. Each of them, however, does have specific conditions that allow them to be accredited by ICOpro.

In addition to the 4 main centers, a center (outside the canyoning center) can also be labeled as ICOpro Development center (IDC)

The 4 statuses of affiliated centers

1. Specificity of an ICOpro Canyoning Center (CC)

The main source of revenue of an ICOpro Canyoning Center is the Canyoneer Initiation Training Course: ICTC/CAI

One one hand it’s a real training course, which does have its own references and gives a certification, and on another hand it’s also offering a fun canyoning outing, accessible to everyone (even kids with the permission of their parents). The ICOpro ethic is to offer constant training updates so that a high quality standard can be maintained and also to ensure customer loyalty.

Pre-requisite to obtain the ICOpro Canyoning Center accreditation :

  • Meet all general conditions required to become an ICOpro affiliated Center.
  • Have at least one practice Canyon equipped according to ICOpro standards. (See ICOpro equipment standards file)
  • Engage in a one-year contract.

2. Specifity of an ICOpro Canyoneer Training Center (CTC)

Same as for a CC on top of the daily revenue generated by the Canyoneer Initiation Training Course, a CTC becomes a reception center which also organizes non-professional trainings. These trainings will bring you a second income and will also allow the center (thanks to the ICOpro sharing-profit system) to prepare its future employees at a lower cost (CA1-2-3).

Pre-requisite to obtain the ICOpro Canyoneer Training Center accreditation :

  • Meet all general conditions required to become an ICOpro Affiliated Center
  • Have at least one practice Canyon equipped according to ICOpro standards for “SCHOOL” practice. (See ICOpro equipment standards file)
  • The former must be -or at least a part of it (Minimum 3 obstacles)- a V3.a3.II (maximum) Canyon for the final test. The minimum quotation required for this canyon -or part of the canyon- is: V3.a2.II.
  • Have a water basin with calm waters or light minimum current for whitewater and apnea exercises, with a minimum depth of 3m. Canyon basin, river, waveless ocean/sea, swimming pool.
  • Have a working space devoted to the on-rope (6m minimum) technical modules (Cliff, Indoor room, etc.).
  • Have a comfortable classroom large enough for 6 trainees + 1 EXA and to bre able to provide acceptable logistics.
  • Have the ability to offer ICOpro standardized accomodation for the EXA and for the trainees (See file ‘How to organize an ICTC’).
  • Have the specific equipment required for CA 1-2-3 for 6 trainees
  • Engage in a one-year contract

3. Specificity of an ICOpro Instructor Training Center (ITC)

The additional advantage of an ITC, on top of having the same authority as a CC and a CTC, is to have a high added value, since it then becomes an organizing center for the PRO training courses and ICOpro Instructors.

These PRO training courses open professional development fields and increase the visibility of the center in regards to providing a competitive offer. The ICOpro PRO Training Courses being the most in demand and with a high added value, allow the center not only to generate additional income, but also to train their employees at a lower cost.

Pre-requisite to obtain the Instructors Training Center accreditation:

  • Meet all general conditions required to become an ICOpro Affiliated Center
  • Meet all general conditions of affiliation for a CC and a CTC In addition, have at least a minimum of 2 canyons with a V4 and/or A4 quotation Be able to offer (during ICTCs) enough CAIs for clinics of appled Pedagogy.
  • Be able to welcome IN2 participants during their ICTC/IN3 training and as observers during an ICTC/CA1-2-3
  • Engage in a two-year contract.

4. Specificity of an ICOpro Trainer Training Center (TTC)

TTC is the highest ICOpro affiliated Training Center. It is involved at the highest level and is Pro-active. It is a center that dedicates the whole of its activity to canyoning and to ICOpro.

Pre-requisite to obtain the ICOpro Trainer Training Center accreditation:

  • Meet all general conditions required to become an ICOpro Affiliated Center
  • Meet all general conditions of affiliation for a CC, a CTC and an ITC
  • Be able to welcome -without possible refusal- an ICTC/EXA at anytime while opened except during its own ICTC.
  • Engage in a three-year contract.

Specificity of an ICOpro Developer Center (IDC)

An IDC is a very active center within the organisation and is an additional label given to a center already established as: CTC, ITC or TTC. (A CC cannot have any additional label other than IDC)
It receives preferential benefits and will therefore be distinguished from other upcoming ICOpro Centers.

Pre-requisite to obtain the ICOpro Development Center accreditation:

  • Have a preliminary interview with one of the members of the ICOpro team (HTM or higher).
  • Must be open or have a present stewardship during at least 6 months of the year.
  • Be an ICOpro center from 3 years minimum
  • Engage in a 3-year contract.

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