ICOpro Canyoneer Charter

Canyoning Code of Conduct: Canyoning involves the responsible and safe practice of descending canyons by being aware of environmental protection. Within our environment, everything is linked, the behaviour of everyone has an impact on our surroundings.

Let’s be aware of this and encourage others to do the same.

Before starting the canyon

  • I choose a canyon adapted to the conditions, participants’ number and technical level.
  • I collect relevant information about the weather data and potential water-level fluctuations.
  • I gather all details about the local practice (local regulations and permits, days and hours of practice, parking area, access and return, specific instructions…).
  • I adjust the number of participants according to the canyon’s type and activity (presence of gravel, tuff, fauna, flora…).
  • I pay close attention to the transportation logistics (train, car-sharing, walk…).
  • I prefer hiking to taking the shuttle.
  • I prepare my bag and equipment in advance / I remove my equipment and clothes away from the public eye.

In the canyon

  • I respect all property owners and the area’s structures (fences, crops, water basins…).
  • I respect other users (fishermen, hunters, hikers, swimmers).
  • While progressing, I use the appropriate paths or routes, I avoid trampling the riverbed, and I encourage others to do so too.
  • I remain quiet and do not disturb or damage the natural environment.
  • I ensure the site is clean: I do not leave any rubbish (biodegradable or not), or any other equipment (ropes…).
  • As an observer, I carefully watch over the canyon’s environment, and I refer to the local authorities or send an email to the nearest ICOpro Center in case of any doubt.

In general

  • I assess the consequences of my actions.
  • I convey the message of environmental awareness and respect.
  • I believe that sportsmen and women contribute actively to the protection of the environment and sites.
  • With the local participants, I try to establish a common approach to the sites.