Advantages to Affiliate your Center

In recent years, new travel tour/activity offerings have arisen: organized sports trips focused on outdoor activities and adventure, such as, canyoning, diving, kitesurfing, surfing, climbing, trekking etc… and they are developing all over the world. 

As the demand for these tours/activites keeps growing, openings of canyoning centers have significantly increased accordingly, especially since the creation of ICOpro.

Canyoning centers are emerging in different countries where competition can be stiff.

As with any professional activity, misunderstanding can emerge from: fees, equipment quality, services, management, etc…

Beginners jump from one training center to another, from one type of equipment to another and ultimately, the students do not progress and the centers do not convey the core of canyoning.

By affiliating your center with ICOpro, your clients will recognize a quality label, common to all the other ICOpro centers, no matter the country. The ICOpro label will be your second trademark, testifying that your center guarantees professionalism.

ICOpro centers perform trainings on each tour, and this makes the major difference. By teaching each new Canyoneer, ICOpro professionals have the opportunity to pass on our philosophy for canyoning practise. Thus, a Canyoneer Initiation will be autonomous from the very first descent. For some of them, they will discover a new passion.

The same Canyoneers certified with an ICOpro Canyoneer Card will be your best promotion. Wherever their location, they will always prefer to practise with ICOpro affiliated centers, as they are already members and know the advantages. They will visit the profile of each ICOpro center and professional via our website. 

By being affiliated with ICOpro, you will:

  • Offer a unique service to your clients.
  • Be visibile overseas so as to attract foreign travellers.
  • Stand out from your competitors thanks to high-quality services/tours
  • Be able to organize professional training courses, thus teaching your staff at a lower cost resulting in additional income sources for your own center.
  • Be part of the most important international canyoning organization, with hundreds of new ICOpro certified members every day.
  • Be able to post in the « Job opportunities » section on through which the centers are able to find Assistants and Instructors during the peak seasons.
  • Take advantage of discounts on ICOpro partners’ products.
  • Obtain an international reputation due to the ICOpro label of quality as an international expert for canyoning teaching.

Do not hesitate any longer, get affiliated now. Email us to receive our center details brochure: 

Do you wish to invest in canyoning centers without being trained and get your affiliation? 

The ICOpro system enables you to become an investor. The PRODEV Committee (Project Development) will support your project during the following steps: marketing research, discovery and bolting of canyons, equipment, supply of qualified manpower (Instructors and Assistants) to start your center, staff training… . For further information, do not hesitate to contact us: