ICOpro Quality Control

Train canyoning professionals who will teach in turn, that is our daily commitment. Service quality and clients’ security remain our constant priority. However, we are all aware of moments where concentration and watchfulness can decrease.

To cope with this topic and to maintain the international recognition of our label, we operate on a daily-basis quality control applied to each professional and affiliated center. In addition to the above stated, we also operate with annual or semi-annual checks (depending on the levels), and spot checks.

Daily Check

Each ICOpro professional must certify each canyoneer with the ICOpro Canyoneer Card (See ICOpro standard). The present canyoneer, client/trainee will automatically receive a feedback form to complete about:

  • Your welcome at the center
  • The Instructor and Assistant’s jobs
  • Their behaviour
  • Their pedagogy and psychology approach
  • Their ability to convey fun
  • Equipment provided by the center
  • Information required for an inspection

Every day, our quality department deals with hundreds of trainees’ feedbacks.

An enquiry is automatically launched in case of negative feedbacks, resulted in worker’s dismissal in case the results are not in compliance with our quality guidelines.

This quality control applies to each ICOpro professional level, from the Assistant Instructor until Head Training Master, it also includes the centers and IAI (Independent Affiliated Instructors).

Each ICOpro professional and affiliated center will be able to view the trainees’ feedbacks through their personal database, via the ICOpro platform.

Annual or Semi-Annual Check

ICOpro Assistants and Instructors take an active part into the Organization. To access to the next level, they must certify trainees. 

As a result, ICOpro professionals remain proactive. A professional qualified by ICOpro who does not practise any longer will have to take catch-up exams (shadowing – See ICOpro Standard). 

To renew his/her annual membership (or semi-annual membership for Trainers and next levels), each professional must validate tests on-line. Daily feedback and test on-line guarantee high-skilled professionals.

An ICOpro professional who will not validate his/her test on-line will have to take catch-up exams (shadowing – See ICOpro Standard).

Centers and IAI Check

All our training courses must go through an ICOpro affiliated center or IAI. The EXA who teach in a center will accurately inspect it and the canyons that will be practiced.

The EXA are accredited to impose sanctions in the event of non-compliance (See ICOpro Standard).

Spot Check

Spot checks can be operated by our TM and HTM at any time during the year.

Security and quality remain our priorities. Should you have any suggestions or comments to improve our services, please do not hesitate to contact our ICOpro Quality Department

For further information about our quality standard, please send an email: 

ICOpro Team