International and Professional Canyoning Training course: Instructor Rescue Advanced – ICTC/INRA

Are you aware of the accurate technical skills required for rescuing a victim into a canyon? Do you aim at becoming a leader and an expert in case of necessary rescue into a canyon? Do you wish to reach the next levels of Trainer – Senior Trainer or Training Master? Do not hesitate anymore to follow Instructor Rescue Advanced training course.

To select INRA course appropriate date, please contact one of our ICOpro centers or send an email to ICOpro support.

You will be trained by an ICOpro Examiner (Senior Trainer level, minimum), and will get certified at the end of the course thanks to the Instructor Card.

A couple of months after you got certified, you will receive by mail your professional card including a one-year free licence, offered products: Canyoneer Cards, « ICOpro » tee-shirt, cap and your certificate.


  • 6 consecutive days.


Instructor Rescue Advanced course provides all the technical, psychological and organizational skills necessary to rescue into canyons.

In addition to your inter-personal skills, you will manage your group, highlighting your technical assets when rescuing into a canyon.

You will be an expert in your field.


  • Be certified Instructor, level 3
  • Have passed, at least, one specialization among the following courses: Instructor White Water or Ice Canyon or High Vertical, and have validated 700 Canyoneers Initiation, minimum.
  • Have a medical certificate issued less than three months prior to the training course, testifying that the trainee is physically and mentally fit for canyoning activities. Have a valid first-aid certificate issued less than two years, including minimum course duration of 12 hours.


You must take your personal equipment.

Your ICOpro center will provide complementary technical equipment.

If you do not have yet any equipment, you can rent to the organizer center.

Skills you will learn

You will master and organize the rescue operation into a canyon as described below:

  • Victim‘s waiting position
  • Taking details for launching the rescue process
  • Waiting sequence
  • Rescue alert
  • Rescue operation and organization
  • You will identify all the material necessary to organize a rescue (signs and means of communication, technique, clothes, warm point, medical material, etc…)
  • You will choose the best setting of an obstacle for evacuating with a stretcher
  • You will move the stretcher in any type of canyon
  • You will master all the techniques that will be applied by your teammates
  • You will organize and take part to the training sessions of the rescue teams
  • You will be an expert in your field
  • You will have strong inter-personal skills and a keen sense of organization
  • You will apply the Proficient Analytical Resources method (P.A.R. – already imparted during your ICOpro curriculum). You will be skilled to anticipate, think, analyse and evaluate. You will make the best decisions during the rescue operation.
  • You will show team spirit, whatever your psychological or physical condition
  • You will cope with extreme cases with calm and professional conscience

Certifications and test

Continuous assessment + 1 test day

You will go through a 7-day continuous assessment. You will be communicated the assessment conditions at the beginning of your training.

Last day – TEST DAY « Situation scenario »: Rescue into a canyon (Accident – Launching the alert – Rescue operations).

Advantages of being a certified Instructor Rescue Advanced

  • You take advantages of the same advantages as an Instructor level 3
  • You will be an expert in your field
  • You will organize and coordinate the training sessions of the rescue teams
  • You will be contacted by ICOpro Team for serious rescue, everywhere in the world
  • You will be considered as a technical advisor and expert by the rescue bodies of the other countries
  • You have the possibility to continue your ICOpro programme and to take Instructor Explorer Developer course

Get certified ICOpro – Be prepared to become a Trainer

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