ICOpro Standards

ICOpro’s Involvement On Quality Standards:

  • Be the leader for canyoning training and teaching.
  • Support the opening and development of new canyons.
  • Contribute to the economical and professional development of our activity.

Every year, the standards of teaching, accreditation, security and quality must be improved, as a consequence ICOpro strives to:

  • Always provide the best services in terms of courses;
  • Pay close attention to its affiliated centers and IAI;
  • Maintain the high-level of experts thanks to the feedbacks of the members and affiliated Centers, and to the control of various Centers and independent Instructors (conducted by ICOpro advisors: TMHTM).

The regular updates of our procedures and Newsletters meet the different worldwide expectations, canyons’ types, customs and Government laws.

Owing to the above reasons, ICOpro reserves the right to modify the standards during the year.

The Necessity of a Quality Standard

The ICOpro structure and credibility strengthen the canyoning international activity.

Our quality standards are essential to:

  • Provide the mandatory certifications in order to run professional courses;
  • Impart a common international and vocational system;
  • Maintain high-quality contents of the professional courses;
  • Improve the credibility of our structure and representatives;
  • Improve the credibility of the examiners and centers working under the ICOpro label;
  • Secure the occasional participants;
  • Standardize the anchor techniques. Innovate according the type of rocks in order to minimize the risks and guarantee a professional equipment into the canyons;
  • Allow the examiners, centers and members to subscribe to an insurance policy;
  • Allow discounts on equipment for all of these members who will therefore use only approved equipment;
  • Guarantee a safe and efficient apprenticeship;
  • Provide better and continuous results for the trainees;
  • Establish safe behaviour guidelines for the centers and examiners;
  • Enhance communication between the organization and its members;
  • Create an international canyoning community made of professional and sportive networks;

Compulsory Application of the ICOpro Standards by the Affiliated Centers and Examiners

 Some problems can emerge from the noncompliance with our standards, for which the examiner or training center should be held liable.

  • In case the clients are dissatisfied, they will complain or will not come back and this will affect the whole ICOpro professional community.
  • The advantages of the ICOpro standards can only be effective if applied in a coherent and above all, transparent way.

The ICOpro standards have been designed to offer:

  • A better tailor-made service;
  • High quality in terms of professional courses;
  • A major economic development for the centers and examiners.

Daily Application of the ICOpro Standards by Examiners and Affiliated Centers

All centers and examiners shall apply the ICOpro standard during their training courses, from the ICTC CAI.

Besides, they will make sure to:

  • Validate all the trainees with the ICOpro« Canyoneer Card »;
  • Register all the trainees on our website www.icopro.org for the quality follow-up;
  • Make a personal follow-up with the up-to-date manuals and the continuous training on-line.
  • Be aware of the latest ICOpro news (Newsletters).

Influence on the Standards

As an independent, the ICOpro label provides a high value-added to your center or professional activity.

The ICOpro standards are influenced by:

  • The teaching methods update;
  • The test of new equipment technologies;
  • The potential improvement of the insurance conditions;
  • The canyoning community’s feedbacks to ICOpro.
  • The new members’ feedbacks to ICOpro.
  • The feedbacks of the examiners and centers’ managers to ICOpro.

The Canyoning is a new sport that keeps evolving. ICOpro is a dynamic organization that anticipates the activities’ changes. ICOpro fully contributes to the international development of the activity and events.

As members of ICOpro, the examiners and the centers’ managers are committed to:

  • Complying with the new standards;
  • Providing their feedbacks in order to improve ICOpro standard;
  • Updating their profiles and other details to keep a continuous contact with ICOpro.

Maintain a Management of Quality

The quality of management is acquired through a personal involvement of the professionals who strive to cope with any problem.

The ICOpro Quality Management

A management of quality enhances the security of the participants, ensures the satisfaction of the trainees and thus, complies with our standards.

ICOpro maintains high-standards on:

  • Security and clients’ satisfaction.
  • ICOpro label, its standards, training courses programs by launching marketing actions.
  • The continuous follow-up of examiners, centers’ managers and trainees through quality inspections performed by TMHTM. As long as the standards are equally applied by all the ICOpro professional members, the ICOpro label, the security and the clients’ satisfaction will remain strengthened.
  • The trainees’ feedbacks (from the CAI).
  • Each negative feedback will go through an examination process, that could lead to the expulsion from our network.

Once you get ICOpro affiliated, you will receive our complete procedure and standard, including the table of the sanctions with immediate effect resulted from the offences that could be noticed. These sanctions will be updated on our website and newsletters.


A detailed procedure has been established to inflict a sanction to the centers and examiners who do not comply with the ICOpro requirements.

The feedbacks provided by the trainees and the other participants enable ICOpro to assess the compliance of the standards that should be applied by the center when signing its affiliation contract.

Written Warning

According to the procedure and in case of attested offence, ICOpro will automatically send a warning, except for the « Major offence » (Please see the sanctions table). After the first written warning, if the center or examiner makes a second offence, this will lead to the expulsion that will be then widespread released by ICOpro. The sanctions can simultaneously be applied.

The Expulsion from ICOpro

As security, quality and trainee’s satisfaction are our priority, the removal from the network is irrevocable. Once out of the network, the member will never be re-integrated.

Our daily quality control system (scheduled or not) of our professionals and affiliated centers fully contributes to maintain our priorities.

For further information about our standards, feel free to email us: 

ICOpro Team