Details of Equivalences

Have you already done a training course programme with any professional, federal organization or association? Do you wish to become ICOpro affiliated to broaden your professional career and join the International Canyoning Organization?

But the idea to take again all the courses from the beginning is frightening… You are right and we share your point of view.

We can meet your expectations so that you could reach our standards, on certain conditions. For further information, please, send an email: 

At the present time, ICOpro cannot apply automatic equivalences for canyoneers and professionals that have already been trained by other associations, federations or professional organizations.

In fact, ICOpro has implemented a new and unique system based on:

  • A professional aspect 
  • The possibility for you to train in return 
  • The consistency of technical teaching 
  • Individual and collective psychological and educational section 
  • ICOpro internal learning programme (Center management – Follow-up of the equipment/PPE – Canyoneers Cards)
  • Understanding and use of the e-learning on-line
  • Reading and understanding of all ICOpro centers internal files etc…

Until now, no equivalence has been validated between ICOpro and another organization. Although equivalences in their entirely, will not be granted yet between two entities, at least, they will help to get affiliated with ICOpro, and will contribute to the international development of the activity. Furthermore, for those who are already trained, equivalences will allow them to work outside their country.

Talking about equivalence means mutual acknowledgment between organizations and this, has to work in both directions, each part has to come to an agreement.

ICOpro will be in a position to set an equivalence system with the organizations, when more and more people from these different organizations ask equivalences.

As a consequence, if you are interested in having equivalence between ICOpro and your organization, ICOpro should be promoted to your organization and we would be grateful for that.

What Does Validation Of Skills Mean? 

Until the time when ICOpro and the other Organizations set up equivalences, we propose a validation of your technical and educational knowledge, allowing you to take the ICOpro refreshment courses, including complementary courses.

In order to complete your application, please send the duly filled-in and signed equivalences/skills validation form,  that will be examined on an individual case basis according to your curriculum. Afterwards, you will go through a test performed by our HTM (Shadowing), so that you could get into our programme and continue to evolve within the ICOpro team.

The cost of the course for validating your skills is less expensive than the initial training course and will be adapted to the time spent by our EXA to refresh your experience. The final tariff will be sent once your application has been received and the test done.

  • Get trained once and for all
  • Work everywhere with one certificate and the same standards
  • Reduce your learning costs
  • Optimize your skills
  • Boost your career 

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