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Member Card


Get your Member Card with your photo


If you are attending training in one of our ICOpro affiliated centers, even with a certified ICOpro independent instructor, you will receive the ICOpro canyoneer card+online diploma, once you have finished your first tour « Canyoneer Initiation ».

The ICOpro CANYONEER CARD certifies your level of competencies as a trainee.

It is duly completed by your instructor and ensures the follow-up of your progression through our website.

You will keep your membership card (one-time payment) until you have completed successfully the CANYONEER LEVEL 3 training course and obtained the certification. This level enables you to be autonomous, yet you are not a professional.

This card is your passport to practice canyoning, to improve your skills, or to rent equipment in the ICOpro affiliated centers. In the interest of safe practice, our instructors can access, in a trice, to your level of skills, and thus, they have the possibility to adopt a course or a tour depending on your level.

In order to get your card, please send to support@icopro.org by email your ICOpro ID and a face photo.