Affiliated Centers

Hellas Outdoor & Adventure Coaching-HOAC P.C – Samothrace, Greece

Affiliated Since:March 31, 2021
Phone:+30 6972666428

22kn – Israel, Israel

Affiliated Since:November 17, 2021

Abel Tasman Canyons Ltd – Nelson-Tasman, New Zealand

Affiliated Since:January 6, 2018
Center Manager:Toine Houtenbos
Phone:+64 3 528 9800

Abel Tasman Canyons is a Motueka based business offering guided canyoning tours. Tours take place in the coastal mountains of the famous Abel Tasman National Park. Other tours are offered in more remote areas of the Kahurangi National Park and the Richmond Forest Park. 

The New Zealand Canyoning School is a South Island based canyoning training provider, offering professional courses at all levels. Aside from running CA123 courses, the school also offers customised training courses for recreational canyoners, professional instructors and rescue teams.

Adriatrek Canyon – Montenegro, Montenegro

Affiliated Since:October 31, 2017
Center Manager:Radoslav Jovanovic

AdriaTrek & Canyon is a center that has existed for 10 years, and we are among the first structures that began to develop the activity in the southern part of the Balkans, especially in Montenegro.

Welcome to our international canyoning training center, with the international quality seal, the most prestigious: ICOpro! At home, as a trainee, your comfort and pleasure are at the center of our attention, but where before, professionalism and safety prevaiL over all.

Adventure & Spirit – Bali Indonesia, Indonesia

Adventure & Spirit
Affiliated Since:July 23, 2012
Phone:+62 85 333 88 55 98, +62361971288

Adventure and Spirit is ICOpro’s flagship center and ICOpro Trainers Training center.

A&S is the main reference in Canyon Exploration, Equipment, Training Courses, Canyon Tours and Excursions in Bali and all over Indonesian islands.

Baseline Outdoor Activities – Greece, Greece

Baseline Outdoor Activities
Affiliated Since:April 23, 2014 
Center Manager:Athanasios Nathan Nanos

Baseline is an ICOpro affiliated Canyoning Center based in the city of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. Our canyoning takes place in the beautifull canyons of legendary mt. Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece! The mountain offers a wide variety of canyoning routes that can excite the begginer but also challenge the more experienced canyoners!!! If you need more info, just send us an email and we will inform you about all available options.

Canyoning Center By Montes de Laboreiro – PORTUGAL, Portugal

Canyoning Center By Montes de Laboreiro
Affiliated Since:December 27, 2018

Peneda-Gerês Canyoning Center and Water Activities, is a Canyoning center located within the Peneda Gerês National Park, which is the only national park in Portugal. Montes de Laboreiro thus intends with the affiliation to IcoPro’s center to provide unique and different experiences to our clients. The affiliation to the center is also intended to be the best in Portugal in the practice of canyoning. Why IcoPro? Because we think that the philosophy of IcoPro fits perfectly with our philosophy. Not only guide but also give training to customers. Our logo was designed in this way since the place where we meet has a dog breed; the dog of Castro Laboreiro. The Montes de Laboreiro is not only a tourist animation company, which also manages several rural tourism lodges and a camping site.

Canyoning Colorado – Colorado, United States

Canyoning Colorado
Affiliated Since:October 19, 2016 
Center Manager:Andrew Humphreys

CYR Adventures – Oman

Status:In affiliated process
Affiliated Since:January 6, 2022 

Eskamer Aventure – Canada

Eskamer Aventure - Canada
Status:Not affiliated
Affiliated Since:March 14, 2013 
Center Manager:Yann Barriault
Phone:+418 763 2999

Le canyonisme se veut activité par excellence chez Eskamer Aventure. Les parcours pittoresques seront pour vous une découverte fantastique dans les montagnes des Chic-Chocs tout comme les randonnées en kayak de mer le long des côtes de la Haute-Gaspésie. English version: At Eskamer Aventure, canyoning is the number one activity. And the offer for picturesque routes has never stopped growing in the Chic-Chocs Mountains as well as the sea kayaking alongside the coast of the Haute-Gaspésie.

Extreme Canyoning – Serbia / Montenegro

Affiliated Since:May 10, 2023 
Center Manager:Predrag Vuckovic
Phone:+1 (305) 850-8555

Experience Canyon – Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France

Experience Canyon - Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France
Affiliated Since:August 10, 2013 
Center Manager:Poublan Laurent

Structure professionnelle de Formation et de guidage Canyon (Pyrénées, France, Europe et International).
Activités montagne et eau vive / tourisme d’aventure / Formation professionnelle.
Centre trainer ICOpro
Structure labellisé ICOpro.

FTU Adventure – Finding the Universe – OMAN

Affiliated Since:1-10-2022 – 1-10-02023
Center Manager:Abdullah Basheer
Phone:+965 97797782
The adventure begins in 2016, when Abdullah moves from Kuwait to Amman for undertaking his university studies and, finding himself far away from family & friends, decides to discover things to do in Jordan. It is thanks to his curiosity and initiative that Abdullah participates to his first canyoning adventure which at first glance turns on the flame of passion about these kind of activities.
Afterwards Abdullah’s thought goes toward his home country, with the wish to popularize adventure trips to his community, therefore in 2017 he founds FTU 965 and organizes the first canyoning adventure from Kuwait to Jordan.
FTU 965 is the initial name and the acronym FTU means Finding The Universe, whilst 965 stands for the country code number for Kuwait. Later, in 2019, Abdullah decides to modify the name to FTU Adventure, because his vision is to expand to international level and publicize a different approach of traveling around the world to Finding The Universe.

Kayak River Adventures – Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Kayak River Adventures - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Status:Not affiliated
Affiliated Since:March 16, 2018

Mountain Escapes Canyoning – Magnesia, Greece

Mountain Escapes Canyoning - Magnesia Greece
Affiliated Since:March 14, 2013 
Center Manager:Soulis Apokremiotis
Phone:+30 6932418001

Mountain Escapes is the first afiliated centre in Greece which trains and certifies through the international canyoning organization ICOPRO. Our love for the outdoors adventure led us to seek out the best natural places in Greece. We looked for and found the most beautiful canyons, the best rivers and interesting treks, some more difficult to get to and others more accessible.We impressed by the beauty of Greek nature.Now, we give you the opportunity to see all these with the best group! Mountain Escapes organizes canyoning trips and many other activities that offer great adrenaline doses for all the lovers of nature and adventure. If you like adventure and want to get away from the misery of your town, all you have to do, is to come with us and we’ll show you the other site of life which has plenty of adrenaline rush…the world of extreme sports!


Affiliated Since:March 1, 2020 
Center Manager:Matteo Delatolas

Outdoor explorers is located in Athens – Greece and provide canyoning trips.

Rappel Maui – Hawaii, United States

Rappel Maui - Hawaii, United States
Affiliated Since:December 27, 2018 
Center Manager:Mike Barnett

Drop in to the tropics during this exciting, safe activity that’s great for families, couples, groups, teams and solo travelers. Spend a day in East Maui’s lush jungles; make memories of a lifetime rappelling and exploring waterfalls, tropical cliffs, and natural freshwater pools.

The Canyoning Company – Perthshire, United Kingdom

The Canyoning Company - Perthshire, United Kingdom
Affiliated Since:December 23, 2016 
Center Manager:George Yates

Vivak Nature S.L – Granada, Spain

Vivak Nature S.L - Granada, Spain
Affiliated Since:April 6, 2016
Center Manager:Rafael Guerrero Melgar

Vivak Nature es el primer centro ICOpro en España que nace del cruce de caminos de dos amantes de la montaña adictos a las sensaciones que proporciona la naturaleza.
Como no podría ser de otra forma la sostenibilidad se convierte en el factor clave en el desarrollo de este proyecto, participando activamente en salvaguardar y mantener el mundo que nos rodea con decisiones como colaborar con el comercio local, trabajar con banca ética (Triodos Bank), no tener actividades de motor o impartir talleres gratuitos de reciclado, cultura ecológica y medio ambiental.

Vivak Nature S.L. is the first ICOpro center in Spain, sprung from the road crossing of two mountain lovers addicted to the sensation that the nature provides.As it could not be any other way, the sustainability becomes a key factor in the development of this project, actively maintaining the natural world that surrounds us with decisions as such as collaborating with the local trade, work with ethical banks (Triodos Bank), not including motor activities or giving free recycling , ecological culture and environment courses.

West Coast Canyoning – RENFREWSHIRE, United Kingdom

West Coast Canyoning - RENFREWSHIRE, United Kingdom
Affiliated Since:October 29, 2021 
Center Manager:Scott McNab

Bespoke canyoning adventures. Our guides will pick you up, take you on a journey to your chosen venue, issue you with high quality equipment and guide you on your trip. ICOPro certification and training courses provided.