ICOpro Certification Advantages

The ICOpro CANYONEER CARD is your passport for a safe practice and corresponds to your level of experience. You will be requested to present your card in all ICOpro affiliated centers and with all ICOpro certified instructors.

Advantages of this card:

  • A better follow-up of your progression
  • Possibility of renting equipment in the ICOpro affiliated centers
  • Canyoning practice with high skilled professionals
  • Registration and access to the canyoning international community through our forum 
  • Possibility of getting affiliated with the CANYONEER insurance
  • Start of an ICOpro professional carreer by becoming an Assistant Instructor – Instructor – Trainer – Training Master
  • Access to the ICOpro members’ shop and offers 
  • Access to the ICOpro partners’ products – offers for the ICOpro members
  • Fresh news in order to be aware of the latest events overseas

More than a card, the ICOpro CANYONEER card provides a secure practice, a reliable insurance and an inter-connection with the international community in a click.

It is your passport for your favourite activity. Have fun!