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Mountain Escapes Center

Mountain Escapes is the first affiliated canyoning center in Greece! It’s an Instructor Training Center where you can get your ICOpro qualification and certification.

The center is located in Tsagarada Pelion, only 10 minutes away from educational canyons which are specifically designed to safer and more efficient trainings.

Our love and passion for outdoor adventures led us to seek out the best natural places in Greece. We have discovered the most beautiful canyons hidden into the best rivers, and also many interesting hiking trails. According to the level you choose, our canyons are more or less difficult and accessible. Mountain Escapes can certainly give you the experience of a lifetime with the best friendly canyoning group!

Mountain Escapes provides unique and original fun adventures which will keep you talking for a long time. Those trips could be combined with other outdoor activities. If you are looking for adventure and escape, away from the stress of everyday life, all you have to do is to follow us! If you’ve never tried canyoning before, it is a must-do adrenaline sport: fresh water splashing on your face, surrounded by lush green nature; jumps into natural rock pools; swimming under waterfalls and abseiling down close to the water!

Canyoning in Pelion

During your stay in Pelion, exploring canyons will make you understand that they stand out from the rest in three points. First, their vegetation; second, the beautiful beaches you find at the end of canyon where water finish to flow until the sea and third, due to the Centaurs’ legends hidden within them, of course! The combination of both canyoning and swimming in the sea is a rare feature!

Mountain escapes canyoning Pelion

The canyons names are Mega Galanorema, Centaurs, Big Rock, Mylopotamos, Fakistra, Damouhari, Limniona and Lambimou. The most notable and admirable routes to reach the canyons are Tsagarada, Kissos, Xourihti, Zagora and Lambinou.

All the canyons end up on beautiful beaches! The Centaurs’ canyons, in combination with the geomythology of the region, make a challenging curiosity!

The marvelous view of the Aegean during the descent in the canyons, the beautiful nature and the enchanting beaches will charm and satisfy you. The beautiful beaches at the eastern Pelion used to be the destination of the mythical Centaurs where they arrived after crossing those canyons!

Mountain Escapes’ instructors are selected for their maturity, judgment, teaching experience and outdoor skills. A genuine interest in people and passion for teaching are as important as an extensive canyoning resume. During all your activities, the security guards will be very watchful to avoid any unwanted proceedings. Despite all the fun and games, this sport requires the guidance of an expert. Our instructors are experienced canyoneers and believe that the practice of safe canyoning necessitates proper gear, continual vigilance and an excellent knowledge of these remarkable places.

Tsagarada, Pelion,
Magnesia, Greece 37012 Tel: +306932418001
Email: info@mountainescapes.gr