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How and why to become a female ICOpro instructor?

To be a female ICOpro instructor ; a challenge and an experience !

It all started in the autumn of 2010, when I decided to try a canyoning excursion. When I arrived at our meeting point, there were quite a few participants; some experienced but also many first timers. In reality I didn’t actually know exactly what I was going to be doing, yet thinking that it was something to do with canoeing! When I saw one of the participants wearing a t-shirt with the writing: mountain+H20 – canoe= canyoning, I wondered what it meant!

female instructor icopro

By the time we had finished the activity, I was thrilled and full of excitement. That was it!! Within a week I had purchased all the equipment and signed up at a local training centre. I was very glad and relieved to see that I was not the only woman there! From then on, I have not stopped developing, improving, and getting to know new places. Quickly time went by and I made it to IN2 (Instructor Level 2) in ICOPRO.

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ICOPRO created new horizons for me, gave me extensive knowledge and amazing opportunities, that only a few years ago I couldn’t even think about. Although at this point, I don’t know if I will pursue a more advanced level, I can feel the beginners’ pulse that never ceases to give me a renewed excitement. My greatest challenge and source of inspiration are children and young adults. I strongly believe it all starts with the new generation. I will make a great effort and do my best to attract children and younger adults, to teach and share with them this amazing experience. I think this is why I became IN2. To contribute, and play my part in the effort for a renewed structure and expansion in Greece.

Filitsa Louretzi – Instructor Level 2 in Greece

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