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Exciting changes in the ICOpro Canyoneer Photographer program

The first and only photography course in the world dedicated to canyoning sees upgrades in its content to support the development of the sport worldwide.

ICOpro team member Gus Schiavon, Trainer Photographer and Developer Coordinator of the Canyoneer Photographer training course, explains the changes implemented in the program.

“As our organization grows worldwide, evolving and shaping the market is a requirement to maintain our status as leaders in the industry. With the support of valuable information gathered during the last 3 CAPH courses and thanks to the ICOpro Continuous Professional Development (ICPD) program, we have reviewed the content of the CAPH course to better prepare our new Canyoneer Photographers for fulfilling our network’s marketing needs.” Gus says.

An evolution from the previous program, the new content is strongly focused on the business aspect of the activity and content creation, not only providing the Canyoneer Photographer with valuable knowledge about photography and business, but with tools to support our Affiliated Centers, Independent Affiliated Instructors and ICOpro in the business and marketing aspects.

More than ever, the CAPH program focuses on adding value to the business of canyoning. Success stories from some of our CTRs and CAPH come from all over the world and the opportunities are plenty.

“I invite our members to stand out in face of your competitors by offering a CAPH course, employing a professional Canyoneer Photographer or participating on one of our specialized professional training courses and by consequence, boosting your business image and profile while helping the organization grow even more.” Schiavon adds.


“All you need to know about the basic of Canyoning Activity and Progression.”


223 A4 pages full color
In Canyoneer Level 1 manual, you will learn about ICOpro, the activity basics, canyoning equipment, knots, communication, behavior and environment, hydrology, geology, physiology, tour preparation, physics, horizontal rope progression, vertical rope progression, and basic rock climbing. After you learn this manual, you will have all the necessary foundations for techniques covered in Canyoneer Level 2 manual and beyond.

Canyoning is what we do!