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CANYON OF THE WEEK: Tukad Api, Bali, Indonesia


Big waterfall in Bali
Every descent is like a new exploration in Tukad Api. Photo by: Gus Schiavon

One of the legendary descents of the mystical island of Bali, Tukad Api is an expedition-style experience!

Location: Ambangan – Wanagiri, Buleleleng Regency, North Bali

Rating: V4.A3.V

Type of rock: volcanic basalt

Best time of the year to visit: August to October


Called Tukad Api (Canyon of Fire in Bahasa Indonesia) is the longest canyon explored in Bali. There are 2 distinct sections: the first one, called Secret Garden, takes approximately 8hrs (from car to car) and the second, called The Corridor, another 5hrs depending on conditions.

Canyoning in the jungles of Indonesia
Dense jungle during the approach for Tukad Api canyon. Photo by: Gus Schiavon
Rappel under the waterfall while canyoning
First rappel down Tukad Api’s Secret Garden. Photo by: Gus Schiavon

The Canyon Of Fire is a very demanding descent, both physically and mentally. It is the ultimate canyoning experience in Bali and Indonesia. It is a unique journey for the adventurous and you must be in excellent physical condition to descend it. Adventure & Spirit is the only company that takes clients through this amazing canyon.

A demanding approach hike takes you through amazing jungle. In total, you will experience more than 35 rappels in the heart of Bali. You will not only participate but be an essential part of the team, helping with the in-canyon logistics and practicing new team work skills.

A drill is compulsory for every descent.

Tukad Api finishes at the junction with Aling Gorge and together they are the 2 legendary canyons in Bali.

Person rappels in Tukad Api canyon
Tukad Api is the longest canyoning experience in Indonesia. Photo by: Gus Schiavon
Canyon, waterfalls and jungle
The canyon is located in the heart of Bali. Photo by: Gus Schiavon
Nice gorge in Bali
End of the Tukad Api canyon. Photo by: Gus Schiavon

About Adventure & Spirit:

Adventure & Spirit is ICOpro’s Trainers Training Center (TTC) and Development Center (DC) in Indonesia. Offering daily CAI tours in the best Balinese waterfalls, the center is located in the vicinity of Ubud, Bali. You can contact Adventure & Spirit and request information about daily tours and professional ICOpro training courses.

For reservations: reservation@adventureandspirit.com

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