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CANYON OF THE WEEK : Subra canyon, France

Subra canyon, technical pleasure

Subra canyon

Location: Vallee du Vicdessos, Ariege, Midi-Pyrenees, France

Rating: V3.A2.III

Type of rock: red schist

Best time of the year to visit: August to October

The approach itself is an enchantment. You go through many zigzags in the forest before you can find the last section; sometimes you get lost, it’s an adventure! In the middle of the forest, we recognize one tree… Yeah! It’s here! You take the lunch at the start of the canyon so you can enjoy the landscape, and then it’s time to descend!

Subra canyon waterfall rappel

Subra Canyon is more technical than its brothers in the area; it’s one of my favorite. You’re rappeling down every waterfall, you spend most of the time on a rope. It’s the perfect moment to expand your rope skills. Amongst red schist stones, vegetation explodes. You could think you’re in the middle of the cambodian jungle but no, you’re in Ariège!

Subra canyon

Between two cliffs, you can chill and watch the landscape, but not too much though. To fully enjoy Subra, everybody must be active. We move the ropes forward, we help the last one; it’s a real team job… “Team work is the dream work,” as they say. The descent itself is not difficult but it demands stamina. You go through the canyon till the “Syringe Waterfall,” a strong experience.

Subra canyon waterfall seringe

Of course, like most things, the best comes at the end with “the Cave,” a high waterfall that I can only recommend to see by yourself. At the end of a day in Subra canyon, you feel like you have completed a challenge. You take look behind, feeling satisfied and complete, and it’s just the perfect moment to share a beer or strawberry soda with your team.

Subra has it all for a beautiful day in a canyon: A good dose of technicality, a spoon of beautiful landscapes, a pinch of self override… You are in charge of bringing the final ingredient: the good team!

Subra canyon team
Photo by Arthur Serres, Adventure TUTUR Picture

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