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ICOpro is excited to announce that Rappel Maui has recently confirmed its affiliation to the organization, joining the growing list of ICOpro Affiliated Centers worldwide.

The second ICOpro Affiliated Center in the USA, Rappel Maui is based in the Hawaiian archipelago on its namesake island, Maui. Joining ICOpro as a Canyoneers Training Center (CTC), Rappel Maui will soon be offering both Canyoneer Initiation (CAI) and Canyoneer 1/2/3 (CA123) training courses to its clients.

Mike Barnett, ICOpro Instructor Level 1 and Manager of Rappel Maui, gives us some more insight on the affiliation process:

ICOpro: Could you give us an overview of Rappel Maui and its operations?
Mike Barnett: Rappel Maui started in 2007, as Maui Canyon Adventures. The owners hired world renowned canyoneer David Black, from Utah, to come write a canyon program, and help kick-start the business. Initially we were guiding several small beginner canyons in Maui. We lost access to those canyons due to local government not supporting canyoning. We restarted the business in 2012 when we gained access to a private site with 2 waterfalls and a ridge to rappel, in a 30 acre botanical garden. That’s when Rappel Maui was established as our DBA. We have a year round season. Our busiest times of the year is dependent on the North American school calendar. We typically sell out in summer and during the Christmas Holidays.

ICO: Why did you decide to affiliate Rappel Maui to ICOpro?
MB: Personally, I decided to join ICOpro because of their high industry standards, global network, and great instructor culture. My hope is to inspire our guides by progressing through the ICOpro levels and learning more about canyoning around the world. Canyoning in Maui has been somewhat isolated from the world canyoning scene, so we want to spread the word that we are here and offering awesome canyoning experiences and courses to all. I also hope to educate locals and guests on canyoning and improve the quality of their experience.

“My hope is to inspire our guides by progressing through the ICOpro levels and learning more about canyoning around the world.”

ICO: What are the canyons like in Hawaii? We’re curious…
MB: While we only currently offer tours in one canyon, we are always on the look out for more opportunities to guide more canyons. Maui currently has about 40 bolted canyons. These canyons are done by the local recreational canyoneers. Some of the best are Pandora, Excelsior, and Sunny D. You can expect nice & warm weather, good water flow and beautiful nature.

Practical Information:


Rappel Maui
10600 Hana Highway
Maui, Hawaii
Head Manager Instructor (HMI): Mike Barnett