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CANYON OF THE WEEK : Medjurec, Montenegro

One of the most-beautiful canyons in Montenegro, Medjurec is a must-do canyon in the Balkan. Check it out!

Location : Montenegro

Rating : V3.A3.III

Type of rock : Limestone

Best time of the year to visit : From June to October

Duration : Full day trip – average 5h

Minimum Age : 12 yo

Mini / maxi participant : 4/8

Rappel : x9 – Up to 34m

Jump : x7 – Up to 8m

Slide : x3 – Up to 4m

Maxi swim/float: up to 20m

Description :

Located on the Rumijia mountain, close to the village of Medjurec. It offers amazing scenery, and a lot of actions with many jumps, slides and rappels!

The highest waterfall is the famous “Double” 34m.

This trip is perfect for beginners looking for action, and will allow you to discover the practice of canyoning in a beautiful environment.

Topo data of Medjurec Canyon

About Adriatrek Canyon:

Adriatrek Canyon is an  ICOpro Instructors Training Center; offering all levels of ICOpro training courses from CAI to Instructors Training Courses.

It is currently the only ICOpro center offering the Medjurec trip, so pay them a visit and you’ll get to experience the most exciting canyoning day!

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