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Be a real pro

Increase your value, be a professional!

We are professionals in canyoning, just as any other outdoor sports.
Often, the summer season is the only income period for the whole year and thus it becomes imperative to give strong importance to the business aspect of our activity.

Developing your business is not easy, mainly when it comes to communication on the web; often hard and confusing, especially because the digital world is changing and evolving constantly.

But what if we could get rid of this confusion and make a difference in the face of competition? (In terms of marketing, I mean… If you push your customers on a 10m waterfall because they do not want to jump, you may as well have the best website and the best communication in the world, but your customers will evaporate of course, there’s no doubt about that!)

One solution for your communication

When you understand the influence of professional photos and videos on “closing the deal,” or as a basis for comparison and decision-making, it is easy to accept that it is obligatory to have quality content. It allows you to fully express your product’s potential, as well as giving a decisive visibility on the web, in order to target the right people on your market.

There are many solutions, but ONE in particular has caught our attention because its purpose and capacity are just incredible. This is the Cloud Vision API, the technology that allows Google analyze and determine the content of images in order to promote their referencing thanks to its latest “Hummingbird” algorithm. Yes, yes, you read right! Google can now read every detail of your photos!

A smile, an action, a color, everything is detailed and it allows your photo to refer automatically. Imagine the potential for your website! If your photos speak for themselves, then your SEO and therefore your business will keep growing!

Browsing the web and on various sites of existing canyoning companies, I happened to fall on a site with very modern design but with poor photos to present these products: All blurry or with splashes that stain a beautiful part of the picture, and sometimes even faces of frightened customers…

The same goes for commercial videos with impeccable quality—HD 1080p, but not really selling anything because the video looks more like an amateur editing with sometimes doubtful music choices, “interviews” or inaudible sound. In short, a video summing up a trip amongst friends…

Be professional to the end!

But here’s the real problem… You may not be a photographer, a videographer and even less a web designer. So what can you do to ensure achieving your desired goal? How can you be certain that you will reach your target audience? How to make sure that your image will match the professionalism of your work?

In terms of communication, and therefore of web design, each element has its importance. Call a Pro Photographer/Videographer, or get some training! Be “New School” and use the new techniques of today and tomorrow’s world!

This, of course, costs money; but think about the return on investment. Because if your image and work are professional, then there is no doubt that your efforts will pay back and that your business will reach new heights.

For training, there is now a specific course for canyoning photography: The ICOpro CAPH.
In the meantime, and if you do not have enough time, you still have the second option: Call one of our pros!

Work in expeditions, for magazines, for brands of equipment, for private companies, our Photographers/Videographers respond to these requests and develop at the same time this new business. Because in addition of being trained canyoneers, they are enthusiast practitioner, with a new vision of our activity that is constantly challenged and changing.

So don’t wait and be PRO to the end!

Contact us: support@icopro.org


“All you need to know about the basic of Canyoning Activity and Progression.”


223 A4 pages full color
In Canyoneer Level 1 manual, you will learn about ICOpro, the activity basics, canyoning equipment, knots, communication, behavior and environment, hydrology, geology, physiology, tour preparation, physics, horizontal rope progression, vertical rope progression, and basic rock climbing. After you learn this manual, you will have all the necessary foundations for techniques covered in Canyoneer Level 2 manual and beyond.

Canyoning is what we do!