Equipment Technical Test Program


At the beginning of 2012, the ICOpro team has implemented the Equipment Technical Test Program: ETTP.

This program aims at testing and experiencing manufacturer’s gear that is already sold on the market (for potential improvement) or new gear at its initial state.


Why an ETTP with ICOpro?

The answer is very easy. Thanks to our centers and professional members located all over the world, the gear is tested in different regions, different canyons by professionals of different background and during the same period.

This variety makes ICOpro tests relevant and reliable.

Very accurate specifications have been set-up for test implementation and follow-up.

The gear provided by the manufacturers is not only tested by the ICOpro professionals but also by the professional clientele. It is also tested in standard and exceptional conditions.


With regards to the gear and equipment tested and certified by the ICOpro Team, some of them will probably be used in our training courses and will then become necessary to the ICOpro professionals.

To learn more about ETTP and to collaborate with us, please contact: 


List and reports of our tests:


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